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Medical Weight Management Program

Excess body fat can be deadly, increasing the risk for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Removing excess body fat goes far beyond a slim physique to the promise of a lengthy and disease-free life. Our weight management program provides personal one-on-one weekly visits, including weight loss medications (important support in reducing appetite, promoting satiety, and enhancing fat burning) and a food diary to keep you on track and help you succeed.


Our weight management program focuses on various components involved in weight gain and is designed to help our patients reach their weight loss goals.


Reducing caloric intake and staying away from foods that raise blood sugar, resulting in elevated insulin levels and the storage of body fat.


Many hormones can contribute to weight gain. Optimal balance is important. High levels of estrogen, less-than-optimal thyroid levels, and low levels of testosterone and DHEA can contribute to weight gain.


Serotonin deficiency has been associated with carbohydrate binging and overeating patterns.

Glenn A. Leiby M.Ed, C.S.C.S serves as a Fitness and Nutrition Counselor for the Medical Weight Management Program, the Director of the new Executive Wellness Program and the Office Manager for the Wellness Center.   He is the coordinator for the fitness room activities and works with patients to integrate fitness activities into the Medical Weight Management program.  He is in charge of the HCG diet program. He also is certified and practices in the area of Manual Therapy, Massage Therapy and Medical Fitness and works with individuals in the area of injury management, pre-rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation.

Glenn Leiby