Visit our Age Management organization in Louisville, KY, to learn more about our hormone replacement therapy.

Louisville, KY Location

We are located across from Paul's Fruit Markets Inc.
3703 Taylorsville Road, Suite 120
Louisville, KY 40220-1330
(502) 451-7720

Wilton, CT Location

267 Westport Road
Wilton, CT 06897
(203) 834-7747


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Patient Relations

FRONT DESK       |    (502) 451-7720 Ext 0

                Medical Weight Management scheduling/Billing


NATALIE LORETI    |    (502) 451-7720 Ext 2

                IAAM Patient lab orders, & Dr. Fishman cosmetic/patient scheduling


Director of Research & Development

STAVAN BHATT, MS., MEd.    |    (502) 451-7720 Ext 4

                Basic Medical/Technical questions, Nutrient questions, Hormone refills**

**For any orders/refills, please give 2 days’ notice.

*For Retail Pharmacy refills, please contact your local pharmacy to fax a refill authorization script to FAX# (502) 451- 7737.


Skin Therapy Services & Products

Hollie Long    |    (502) 451-7720 Ext 3

                Nutrient orders, MWM orders, Hormone auto-refills**

                        **For nutrient orders, please give 5 days’ notice.


BRITTANY KING    |    (502) 451-7720 Ext 1






Office Manager/Administrator

FLIP FISHMAN    |    (502) 451-7720 Ext 6

                Medical Weight Management information, IAAM program information

Louisville, KY Location

We are located across from Paul’s Fruit Markets Inc.