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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept assignment form insurance companies.

Our goal to prevent disease and promote wellness includes medical services not covered by mostinsurance companies. However, if you have insurance coverage and would like to send a claim, we will provide you with an insurance-ready receipt or a superbill of your clinic visit, laboratory testing and other items after receiving your payment. Any reimbursement from them to be paid directly to you.

Why do Medicare and Medical Insurances not cover most Age-Management overall Programs?

Medicare and Medical Insurance generally do not cover preventive medicine, and do not agree with the proactive approach our motivated patients want and which we recommend and practice. Most insurance have adopted a “managed care” approach to medicine that waits for illness to appear before they will “authorize” payment for treatment. In addition, many, if not most, of the Anti-Aging and Wellness interventions and tests are not funded by insurance.

What is your success rate?

Based upon our clinic population, approximately 80% of the people who undertake our treatment recommendations achieve resolution of the symptomsfor which they were seeking medical care within a relatively short period of time (ex. 3 months). It is far less common for an individual to notice no improvement in the same period of time, and rare that an individual would actually worsen.

The success of individuals who utilize our treatment regimen is largely dependent upon their commitment to restoring their health and following the recommendations of our physician on a variety of protocols that may include hormone supplementation, nutrition, lifestyle modifications, and/or vitamin and mineral supplementation. Also, those who maintain a positive and optimistic outlook on their health success generally exceed both our and their own expectations.

Do you ever see people that you can’t help?

Yes. Despite our best efforts, occasionally we will see a patient who is not a good match for our treatment regimen. From the point of view of patient commitment, there are several reasons someone may discontinue treatment:


Lack of Positive Attitude: When individuals do not believe they can.


Insufficient finances: Long term financial commitment required to purchase hormone prescriptions, nutritional supplements, etc.


Conflicting Advice and Opinions of Others: receiving conflicting information or understanding of the intricate connection between nutrition, the immune system and hormonal balance from other medical professionals, family, or friends.

Does my regular doctor (Primary Care Provider, Family Doctor, Internist, Nurse Practioner) do the same thing as an Age-Management Physician?

No. Your regular doctor is likely to be unfamiliar with the range of natural and integrative techniques of Age-Managment Medicine. They are not likely to have the time to spend with you to thoroughly diagnose your condition, develop a plan and educate you. They don’t have the specialized education in the areas of longevity, wellness, functional medicine, nutritional biochemistry and detoxification. They are likely to be uncomfortable with the paradigm shift from illness to wellness and preventative medicine.

Can I really look younger without cosmetic and plastic surgery?

Yes! A total program, which includes a prescribed diet, exercise, detoxification, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement and custom pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals are likely to lead to reversal of the appearance of aging of 10 years or more. Significant changes can be noted after 2 to 6 months with greater changes over several years of following a program.

Why shouldn’t I wait until I have a problem before going to a doctor, especially since insurance will pay if I have a disorder?

It is much harder to reverse disease or tissue damage than to prevent it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The idea that medical insurance should cover all health-related expenditures leads to poor health. Insurance companies are not in the business of preventative medicine and traditional health care is mainly defined as episodic health care. Preventive medicine incorporates medical care in which areas of risk or chronic illnesses are identified so that they might be lowered.

Will the treatment interfere with my currently prescribed medicines?

Generally not. In some instances medications (such as antidepressants) may actually be reduced in level or no longer needed. Our physicians can answer specific questions or concerns. Once again, we seek to work in conjunction with your primary care provider and to not alter the treatments they have instituted in a patient but rather to work in concert.

Can I do Longevity Protocols on my own without a physician’s guidance?

One certainly can take vitamins and nutraceuticals without a physician’s’s guidance but correct replacement is important.  Also, the use of hormonal replacement requires an age-management physician who has extensive knowledge of endocrinology and the effects on the body.

The importance of an Age-Management Physician

Help you sort out the massive tangle of unregulated claims made by various nutraceutical manufacturers.   Has greater knowledge of human physiology and therefore the mechanisms and potential interactions of Longevity Protocols. We see this in our lay friends who have read a lot, but still ask us questions trying to understand the overall relations of various organ and biochemical systems.   Can determine if there are sub acute conditions that ultimately would cause disease and aging and identify and treat these before organ damage has occurred.   Have knowledge and access to more extensive testing to determine the individuals need for intervention.  Can Order pharmaceuticals where appropriate for anti-aging purposes.